Manganese ore powder production equipment helps manganese to be used in the lithium-ion battery industry

Author: guilin hong cheng Views: 0 Release date: 2024-01-16 14:19:46

HCM Machinery manganese ore powder production equipment manufacturers learned that: in 2022, global consumption slowly recovered, global manganese ore production reached 58.8 million tons, and China manganese ore production reached 6.45 million tons in 2022, among which the top provinces and regions are Guangxi, Guizhou and Hunan. Judging from the consumption of manganese ore in China in 2022, the application of manganese in lithium-ion batteries has increased significantly.

Relevant experts said: manganese is a major raw material mineral necessary for industrial production, and it is also an important raw material to support the development of emerging industries such as new energy and new materials. At present, with the continuous development of new energy and new materials in the country, the demand for manganese products is increasingly strong, especially new energy vehicles and power batteries, which have brought new opportunities and development space for the deep-processing transformation of manganese.

Manganese is a very strong reducing agent, it can absorb all the oxygen from the molten steel, so that there is no iron oxide in the steel, becoming a non-porous ingot. Secondly, manganese is also an excellent sulfur removal agent, which can remove all the sulfur in the molten steel, and the addition of a small amount of manganese in the steel can greatly increase the mechanical properties of the steel, such as ductility, malleability, toughness and wear resistance. Therefore, the use of manganese ore production equipment to grind manganese ore into powder can be applied to iron and steel smelting industry.

Manganese dioxide as a positive electrode, lithium as a negative battery its specific energy is 5 to 10 times that of dry batteries, low rate and medium rate discharge performance is good, cheap, good safety performance. The use of manganese ore production equipment to grind manganese ore into powder can be applied to the preparation of lithium batteries, the production of lithium batteries with high value.

HCM Machinery specializes in the production of manganese ore powder production equipment, HLM vertical grinding machine has high production efficiency, can grind manganese ore to meet the application standard fineness, to meet the application of various industries. Manganese ore production equipment to help manganese used in lithium-ion battery industry, want to know more about manganese ore production equipment, welcome to leave a message for more