Group Profile

Guilin Hongcheng Mining Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise of powder processing equipment in China, is the most professional supplier of powder processing integrated solution. Guilin Hongcheng is working on the development, designing, producing and marketing of powder processing equipment and production line. Hongcheng has more than 30 patents, has the right of export, and is certificated by ISO9001:2008 international quality management system is a national high-tech enterprise. Depending on the producing and researching experiences of decades, Guilin Hongcheng has become a major powder processing equipment manufacturer and export base.

Our factory is organized by three production bases and a researching center. The main production center locates in Yangtang Industrial Park, Xicheng Economic Development Zone, Guilin, spread an area of 170,000m2. The HC Series Mill, HLMX Ultra-fine Vertical Mill, HLM Vertical Mill, HCH Ultra-fine Mill and Special Material Grinding Mills (including coal mills, bentonite mills, ultra-fine titanium dioxide mills, etc) are famous products and best sellers. Our operation principle is to bring the maximum value for customers by quality and service. We are not only producing and selling productions, more important for us is researching, program designing, delivering, installing, after sell service, parts supplying, skill training, etc. We are able to offer you the best solution and service, and help you to get a brilliant success.

 At present, Hongcheng is entitled to a high fame in domestic powder processing field. No matter in infrastructure construction, mineral deep processing, solid waste cyclic utilization, energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection, or metallurgy, construction material, chemical engineering, power plant fields, we can see the brand of Hongcheng; no matter in large-scale non-metal mineral powder processing, coarse whiting processing, desulfuration bentonite processing or petroleum coke powder processing fields, Hongcheng is the first choice of customers. Our vision is to establish a global brand for China, we are holding the principle of 'Quality is the basement of survival, service is the source of development'. The facilities and service of Guilin Hongcheng have been spread to Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sultan, South Africa, Russia, Philippines, etc.

Hongcheng History

Guilin HongCheng Mining Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd was founded in 1999, is a professional manufacturer of powder processing equipment. Guilin Hongcheng applied scientific management of modern enterprise. Guided by the spirit of craftsmanship, innovation and determination, Guilin Hongcheng has become one of the leading enterprise in China machinery industry. Reputation, quality, service and decades of struggling, forged the world famous brand-Guilin Hongcheng.

Foundation of Hongcheng

In the middle of 1980s, Mr Rong Pingxun, the chairman of Guilin Hongcheng, took the lead in devoting to the casting and processing field of machinery industry, accumulated rich experiences of technology, and won a high approval in industry. In 1993, Guilin Hongcheng business entity, Ms Cheng Guixiang, established the Guilin Lingui Special Type Foundry and set up the technical department. From then on, Guilin Hongcheng step on the way of self-dependent innovation.
Guilin Hongcheng grow up step by step in the tide of the reform and opening-up policy, and always insist the conscientiousness management of 'Creating value for customers'.

Transition of Hongcheng

In 2000, the independent R&D Raymond Mill was marketed by Guilin Hongcheng, and received a good feedback. In 2001, Guilin Xicheng Mining Machine Factory was registered, the grinding mill products had practical technical breakthroughs and got many technical patents. In 2002, Guilin Hongcheng started to design and produce the classifier for 1200 mesh fineness powder. In 2003, the first exported facility of Guilin Hongcheng came in to operation in Vietnam, this opened the way of international development of Guilin Hongcheng.

Hongcheng, Take-off

In 2005, the company was reorganized and reestablished under the name of Guilin Hongcheng Mining Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd. Then, Hongcheng became the first batch of enterprises entering Yangtang Industrial Park, Guilin Xicheng Economic Development Zone. At this point, Guilin Hongcheng took-off in the field of powder processing equipment.

New Hongcheng, New Journey

Guilin Hongcheng is an enterprise full of vigor and vitality, Hongcheng families has their own spirit and proud. In 2013, Guilin Hongcheng grinding mill long-distance intelligent monitoring system was set online, which can monitor the operation situation of the facility 24h/day. In 2014, large amount of graduates joined Guilin Hongcheng, the e-commerce team was largely expended, the offices in Hebei, Shandong, Taiyuan and Xi'an were set up, the company further optimized the home and aboard service points, Guilin Hongcheng started to grow on the web.

Hongcheng Breaking News Time List

2014 - 2012

2014.12 Guilin Hongcheng won the honor of ‘Guilin most Influential brand’.
2014.11 Guilin Hongcheng brought HC1500 Series Grinding Mill, HCH Ultra-fine Mill and HLM Vertical Mill to the Bauma China 2014, captured the good grace of China and foreign customers.
2014.10 Guilin Hongcheng Xi’an office set up.
2014.08 Guilin Hongcheng Shanxi Taiyuan office set up.
2014.07 Guilin Hongcheng Shijiazhuang office set up.
2014.06 The first HLM1700 Vertical Mill designed and developed by Guilin Hongcheng finished debugging and successfully came into operation.
2014.5 Guilin Hongcheng Electro-Mechanical Industrial Robot Research Laboratory officially set up. Hongcheng stride forward in product automation development.
2013.12 Guilin Hongcheng was awarded ‘Guilin Most Potential for Development Enterprise’, ‘Guilin Hongcheng’ was awarded ‘Guangxi Famous Trademark’.
2013.11 Guilin Hongcheng host the HC2000 Super-large Mill development and science achievement appraising meeting.
2013.11 General manager of Guilin Hongcheng was awarded the title of ‘Guilin Excellent Socialist Cause Constructor’.
2013.03 Guilin Hongcheng released the HLM Series Vertical Mill.
2013.01 Guilin Hongcheng wear-resisting workshop gone through the links of environmental assessment, project approval, investigate, design and construction, purchasing and installation, and officially put into operation.
2013.01 Guilin Hongcheng CAXA coordinated management PDM system came into operation.
2013.01 Guilin Hongcheng successfully host the ‘2012 Specially Invited Partners Forum’.
2012.05 General Manager Liu came to Guilin Hongcheng to guide the work.
2012.06 President Rong Beiguo was awarded the 1st session of Guilin ‘Top 10 Outstanding Career-creating Talents’.
2012.06 Guilin Hongcheng introduced multiple advanced gear hobbing machines.
2012.07 A foreign white stone powder producer visited Guilin Hongcheng.
2012.10 Guilin Hongcheng sent multiple R&D Division engineers and After-sale Division technologist to optimize and upgrade grinding mill devices.
2012.11 Representative of Guilin Hongcheng took part in the ‘2012 Guilin Lean Manufacturing and Integrate IT Application with Industrialization Cultivation’ host by Guilin MIIT.

2011 - 2009

2011.01 Guilin Hongcheng held the 2010 year-end summary and the new year gathering, the president congratulated the performance of 2010, and expressed the great hope.
2011.02 For the extending of the company, Guilin Hongcheng took part in city level and province level large-scale talents fairs for three times in this month.
2011.03 China Casting Association chairman, company strategy counselor teacher made the enterprise development strategy cultivation for Guilin Hongcheng.
2011.03 Guilin Hongcheng wear-resisting workshop came into operation.
2011.03 Guilin Hongcheng organized production management and other related departments to visit rubber mechanical enterprises.
2011.07 Guilin Hongcheng made the 6S field management examine.
2011.10 Foreign customers visited Guilin Hongcheng to pay a inspection.
2011.10 The company host the machinery safety production knowledge training meeting.
2011 Guilin Hongcheng sponsored the Guilin ‘Hongcheng Hante Cup’ Solid Works 3D Innovate Design Competition.
2011.12 Guilin Hongcheng organized the staff to attend the ‘Fire Safety Knowledge Training’.
2011.12 Guilin Hongcheng brought out a large type of revolutionary innovate grinding mill facility--HC2000.
2010.01 Guilin Hongcheng presented the 2009 Outstanding Contribution Award. The prize is a car.
2010.04 The company insisted the quality of products to improve market competitiveness.
2010 Guilin Hongcheng independent researched and developed the HC1700 grinding mill facility.
2010.06 HCM Series Mills of Guilin Hongcheng won the National Science Project Enterprise Innovation Funds.
2010.08 Guilin Hongcheng hosted ‘Safety Production Month’ activity.
2010.08 Guilin Hongcheng passed the IOS9001:2008 International Quality Management System Certification.
2010.09 Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences visited Guilin Hongcheng to authenticate the achievement of HC1700 mill.
2009.02 In order to improve the production capacity and hard wear standard, Guilin Hongcheng purchased large-scale double column vertical lathe facilities.
2009.02 Lingui County technology division leaders visited Guilin Hongcheng and directed the work.
2009.02 Guilin Hongcheng Electronic Commerce Department founded.
2009.07 Municipal Party Committee visited Guilin Hongcheng to direct the work.
2009.08 Guilin Hongcheng won the 2008 Excellent Technological Innovation Project Prize issued by Guilin municipal government.
2009.09 Service division established.
2009.11 Guilin Hongcheng signed the cooperative purpose with XX University.
2009.12 The series training courses organized by Guilin Hongcheng and taught by Guilin Technician Training School started.

2008 - 1999

2008 Guilin Hongcheng HCM Series Grinding Mills were pushed into market, and got favorable receptions from the customers.
2008 Guilin Hongcheng finished product and technology upgrading. Hongcheng vertical pendulum mill was marketed and achieved huge success.
2007.09 Guilin Hongcheng acquired ISO9001:2000 International Quality Management System Authentication Certificate issued by Beijing World Standard AC. The company also acquired multiple national patents at the same time.
2007.08 At the 89th birthday of the Chinese Communist Party, Guilin Hongcheng set up the Party branch.
2006 Guilin Hongcheng set up the Powder Processing Center to increase self-innovation power.
2006 The first-stage project of Guilin Hongcheng completed and started operation.
2005.08 Under the concern of the Guilin party committee and the government, and the support of Lingui County government, Guilin Hongcheng settled down in Yangtang Industrial Park, Guilin Xicheng Economic Development Zone.
2005.10 Guangxi secretary of the party committee Cao Bochun and Guilin municipal party secretary Mo Yongqing visited Guilin Hongcheng and guided the work, the company started to develop rapidly.
2005 The first wed site of Guilin Hongcheng,, officially set on line. It opened a brand new development direction of Guilin Hongcheng.
2004 Under the assist of local government, Guilin Hongcheng started to construct large-scale manufacturing base in Yangtang Industrial Park, Guilin Xicheng Economic Development Zone, which built a solid foundation for the rapid-raise of Guilin Hongcheng.
2003 The first export device of Guilin Hongcheng came into operation overseas. It shows that Guilin Hongcheng had successfully exploited overseas market, and go on the way of international development.
2001 Under the concern and support of Guilin Party Committee and government, Guilin Hongcheng set up the first modernized workshop.
1999 Guilin Hongcheng set up the machine workshop and go on the way of independent innovation.

Research & Development

Guilin Hongcheng Mining Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd insists the core development strategy of improving the product competitiveness. Under the principle line of scientific researching and technological improvement, depending on the powerfull science research team, Guilin Hongcheng is aiming at the technological leading edge of grinding mill market and continuously improving the overall scientific and technological innovation capacity. Guilin Hongcheng R&D Center was founded in 2005, which is the most powerful integrity R&D center of mining machine industry in China and has the class A qualification of mining machine engineering design. Hongcheng R&D Center worked on basic mining facility technology research, major project and craft research of complete equipment, and the R&D work of engineering equipment, national significant technological equipment and the development of new products for years.

The latest work of Guilin Hongcheng, the HLM Series Vertical Grinding Mill, has the best powder processing ability in China. The facility is energy saving and environmentally friendly, and has many product patents. After years of construction and development, the R&D center becomes a class A organization of mining machine industry and has the independent legal entity status, and it is also a council member of Guangxi Engineering Design Mining Association.
Relies on the R&D Center, Guilin Hongcheng continuously increases the input of technical research and talent cultivation, and established technological cooperation and academic communication with many institutions of higher learning and scientific research, in order to keep up with the leading edge of the time and inject new vitality to the enterprise.
Guilin Hongcheng is a scientific and technological enterprise specialized in mining powder processing facility researching and manufacturing.
Through the cooperation with scientific research institutions, Guilin Hongcheng set up the research laboratory and devote to the important subject of mining powder processing equipment’s automation and maximization.
Along with the technical research and development, Guilin Hongcheng also bring in international machine manufacturing technology. In 2008, the cooperations with many Germany enterprises took the lead to bring in international grinding mill manufacturing technology and remedied the marketing disadvantages of domestic mining equipment.
Guilin Hongcheng took the lead in passing the ISO Quality Management System in mining machine industry. After years of struggle and strive, Hongcheng grinding mill facilities rank the leading edge in the industry.
Besides, Guilin Hongcheng set up the powder processing center in 2006, and then developed it in to the grinding mill experiment center, and we are the only enterprise to offer trail grinding service in the industry. Through the trail grinding, our customers can truly understand that which facility is the most suitable, and will be more reassured when purchase the interested product.

Establish an Global Brand for China

The great vision of Guilin Hongcheng is to establish an world-class powder processing equipment brand with high quality products and satisfactory service. Growing up in the tide of the reform and opening-up policy, sparking in the brilliance of the new age. The top powder processing equipment manufacture enterprise, Guilin Hongcheng, always insist the conscientiousness management of “Creating value for customers”. We believe “Quality achieves the future”, so we full fill the request of our customers with high quality products and thoughtful service all the way. We wish our customers to support Hongcheng as always. Sincerely cooperate and achieve mutual benefit!

Hongcheng’s Duty:
Technology Innovation, Serve the Society

Hongcheng’s Management Principle:
Quality is the Basement of Survival, Service is the origin of development

Hongcheng’s Professional Spirit:
Teamwork, Thankful, Professional, Dedicate, Integrity;